From Heart to HRart: Empowering You to Work, Live, and Love

 In this book, Samm exposes her heart. She shares personal stories of growth. She then invites you to expose your own heart and guides you through the first few steps of beginning your own personal HRart work.

Need a nudge to move you forward to the next great thing in your life? Or inspiration to move past fear and heal wounds of past hurt? Do you want to recognize the beauty in the lessons of life whether they are full of joy or difficulty? Are you ready to grow, become stronger, and more aware? From Heart to HRart exposes five powerful lessons delivered right from my heart to yours. These essential lessons are necessary to provide the clarity and focus needed to ignite your professional passion… and keep that fire burning.

What’s in the Book…

This book is separated into two parts. Part One is my heart exposed to you, containing all the stories I felt compelled to share. They are my account of what I have experienced and my growth as a result. In addition, I throw a few nuggets of wisdom from minor bunny trails where I simply couldn’t help myself.

Part Two is all about exposing your heart. These chapters are shorter and articulate five major lessons that can be derived from the stories shared in Part One. Each chapter ends with a corresponding experiential exercise to get you started in doing some heart work.

On the Webinar…

  • Samm shares what inspired her to write a book and how From Heart to HRart manifested itself.
  • Samm reads one of her favorite excerpts from the book.
  • Samm answers questions from the webinar attendees.
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Here’s Why I Wrote the Book…

For years, people have told me I should write a book. Honestly, I thought this was something people just say. I never gave it any serious consideration until I opened my business in 2014. Then writing became appealing because it was a way to establish credibility and build my business.

I quickly outlined half a dozen topics I routinely share with leaders and thought writing the book would be easy-peasy. But every time I started a draft, I found my heart just wasn’t in it.

I was knowledgeable about the subject and even great at teaching in the corporate training arena, yet when I would start to write, it lacked luster. This was going to be my first book and I wanted to be passionate and proud of it. So, I stopped writing. Occasionally I would attempt a different topic and outline, ending up in the same place. My heart still wasn’t in it.

In 2017, I was invited to attend an evening event showcasing local authors. These amazing women shared their stories in a panel discussion led by their writing coach and publisher, Demi Stevens. Demi shared that we all have a story to tell and that she has devoted her career to helping get that story from your head to the page. I connected with her after the panel discussion and she encouraged me to reach out—of course, I never did.

A few months later, my friend and colleague, Amanda King, announced the release of her book, HR Made Simple—and guess who was her publisher and writing coach? Demi. Seeing Amanda share this amazing accomplishment, was the last push I needed to finally take the next step.

I went to Demi with no outline, just a bunch of random writings… stories I felt compelled to share. I had no idea how they related to each other, but I knew they were meant to be in this book. I could now feel it in my heart.

This book is just that—my heart exposed.

As you read, I hope you find that nudge needed to move you forward to the next great thing in your life. I hope to inspire you to move past fear and heal wounds of past hurt. I hope you recognize the beauty in the lessons of life, whether they are full of joy or difficulty. I hope you grow, become stronger, and more aware. Most importantly, I hope you enjoy it.

What Readers Are Saying…

  • Samm brings reflective energy and light into this world. Her book, From Heart to HRart, does too, sharing lessons learned and encouraging self-discovery.” - Katie Caples
  • From Heart to HRart not only offers you the inspiration to face your fears and past wounds, it provides you with powerful tools to do your own heart work and motivate you to work toward that next great thing in your life! Samm delivers a heartfelt, open, and honest account of her own journey as well as how these same tools propelled her to the many great things in her life, and her book From Heart to HRart can do the same for you too!” - Bobbi Billman
  • From Heart to HRart is an amazing read for anyone looking to get inspired or wanting a shift in their life. The best part of the book is that her stories are so easy to relate to, you find yourself thinking about a time in your life when you felt this same way. The way you recognize, accept, and overcome your challenges is truly when you can begin to find yourself, and Samm does a great job at showing you exactly how to do that.” - Meredith Stone