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Purpose, passion, people, power & possibilIty

HRart encompasses the internal arts that unlock individual potential. We have underestimated the damaging effects that the work environment can have on our ability to remain true to who we are and stay on the path to who we are meant to be. With unrealistic expectations, leaders with no training and a lack of appreciation for the people that play a significant role in these organizations, it is no wonder that the topic of cultural morale has become a common conversation.

The result, many of us have lost our way and out of necessity and a lack of direction we stay exactly where we are becoming more and more disengaged each day. First, disengaging from our jobs and then slowly but surely disengaging from our life completely. We spend less time living and loving, and more time complaining, blaming and afraid that this is as good as it gets.

I’m here to say, there's more for you. Every day we wake up, we are given an opportunity to reconnect with our intended path. The path that brings more love and joy into our lives. The path that provides us the power to change the world in whatever way you were meant to.

After years of searching for the magical answer for the disengagement epidemic happening in workplaces throughout the world. I have come to the conclusion that the answer is simple, it is paying attention to the people in the businesses. It is recognizing each individual and what they have to contribute to our organizations and beyond. Our HRart services were designed to do just that, each one is specifically tailored to you, with the intent of unlocking your greatest potential.

Let's find out what your HRart is saying.

  • the legacy package
  • energy work

This work is intention driven by the individual and assists with providing centering focus, balance during heavy workloads and healing for those that have experienced toxic work environments. These sessions include a fusion of energy work unique to the practitioner and their training, please see each practitioner’s qualifications below.

Samm Smeltzer

30-minute HRart
energy work session



This service includes 30-minutes of Energy Work and a 20-minute debrief of the experience. (Session Duration: 50 minutes)