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We go through life with so many false notions. Many of these false notions swirl around the work environment, fed by stress, not enough time and overall lack of self care. They impact our ability to truly connect with our work and quickly we are caught up in the politics of it all. A path that starts out so promising slowly evolves into a path towards utter drudgery. 

Over the last decade, HR has focused on this concept of maximizing employee engagement. As practitioners, we began to survey, analyze and incorporate morale boosters. All efforts, with only a few companies able to claim the title of exception, have generated a groundbreaking change of zilch. The statistics remain the same, 63% of the workforce worldwide are disengaged. To add to the statistic we now are measuring and tracking the 24% that are “actively disengaged.” These individuals are a cautionary tale to our organizations because they have a level of disengagement that is contagious and they are more than happy to share this germ.

Regardless, the question persists, how do we engage employees? We know that happy, engaged employees are 12% more productive and having an engaged workforce can increase operating income by 33%. We want to engage them, but how? The problem is we are treating “them” as a “they”.

 We must recognize the people that populate our organizations and see them as the core they are to our potential greatness.

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We must provide a method to dispel these false notions each individual carries. Choosing not to provide a mechanism to expose these notions, causes the devastating result of limiting potential.

The Engagement RechARTed workshop was created to serve as a mechanism to dispel false notions individuals carry in regards to their workplaces, positions and overall professional paths.

What to Expect

  • Expect to revisit moments in your career that will identify the key factors necessary to obtain personal professional satisfaction.
  • Expect to release limiting beliefs and stories that have formed as a result of these career moments.
  • Expect to begin rediscovering the capacity of your true potential and reconnect will lost or discarded professional aspirations.
  • Expect to experience what being engaged and happy professionally feels like.
  • Expect to learn how to sustain what you have regained to maintain forward momentum.

The Curriculum

Module 1: Discovering Disengagement Cycles

Module 2: Charting Cycles & Artistic Release

Module 3: RechARTing

Module 4: Feeling Forward

Module 5: Your Truth Takeaway

Workshop Duration: 4-hours

Shouldn’t my Boss do this?
Why should I personally make the investment?

First off, if you believe that your ability to remain engaged in the work you do is solely the responsibility of your boss and employer, then this is not the program for you. This program is for individuals that love to be passionate about their work. Work to these individuals is about more than a simple means to money. In addition, every person will spend about 90,000 hours of their life working. These individuals recognize that they do not want to spend that large amount of time dreading and not engaging in the work they do.

In a perfect world, yes your boss and your employer would master this. But let’s back that viewpoint up and take a gander from miles high. All places of employment are made up of people, individuals just like you, trying to figure out how to remain engaged. These individuals come in all shapes, sizes and positions. So perhaps, consider for one moment, that the reason your boss can’t master this is because they are still on their own personal RechARTed journey. Therefore, the true question to ask yourself is...can you afford to wait until they are ready?

Investment: $75

What Others Are Saying

I wanted a recharge and boost.

This is for people who need a reminder of their self worth.

Samm proved to me that I can have an artist's heart.

If you're experiencing any uncertainty or challenges...

I re-affirmed my strengths & priorities...

This was a unique blend of corporate HR wisdom and mindfulness exercises.

I was affirmed in the progress I've made so far...

This is for those that are bored with their job and career.

This was helpful, impactful and necessary to overcome my objections...

I found the experience stretching!

It helped me focus on where I need to go and what I need to do.

I found the experience to be supportive, creative and freeing.