Five Reasons To Keep Your Resume Up-To-Date

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There was a time when it was common for people’s resume to only be reviewed and updated when they were actually searching for a new job. However, nowadays there’s a lot of other uses for the resume and we’ve identified that it’s much easier to have good and accurate information on the resume if you’re keeping it up to date as you go.  Below are five reasons that you should take the time to keep your resume up to date and not let it sit for years until you’re actually looking for a new job.

1-    It is easier to remember major projects or task as they happen as opposed to trying to remember back to what you have done.  Also as any additional job duties get added you should update your resume to ensure that it has the most recent information on it.  When you do this you should also remove items that maybe are no longer relevant.

2-    Even if you are not looking externally for another job sometimes internal promotions require you to submit a resume.  When they make that request wouldn’t it be nice if you have an updated resume versus having to quickly make sure it’s correct before you submit it?

3-    If you are interested in volunteer activities, speaking at certain events or even contributing articles to publications sometimes they will require an updated resume to ensure that you have the experience and background needed for those things.

4-    If you are nominated for a professional award they may require you to submit a resume to validate that you have the experience relevant for whatever the award is you’re nominated for.

5-    The final reason is even though none of us want to think that it will happen, there is always the possibility of a job loss whether it’s a layoff,  business closing or whatever the situation may be. When that unexpected job loss occurs the last thing we all want to have to worry about is actually updating the resume so if it’s already been updated through the years as you had projects arise, new accomplishments at work or title changes it makes it a much simpler process.

If at any time you would like to have one of our creative collaborators review your resume please reach out to us and we will be happy to complete that service for you.  The website is

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