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HR Support Services

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HR Advisement

These services primarily provide support for an organization and typically include: Training + Development, Personnel File Maintenance, Recruiting/Hiring, Job Descriptions, HR Forms, Employee On-boarding, Performance Management, Policies/Procedures/Handbooks, Benefits Management, Exit Interviews, Strategic Planning…

HR Assistance

These services support current HR professionials to assist with current projects or workload. This may include: Policy/Procedure/Handbook updates, Strategic Planning, Performance Management, 3rd Party Investigations, Training + Development…

HR Transition

These services are targeted towards organizations currently re-evaluating their HR effectiveness or interested in creating an overall HR function. These services include, but are not limited to: Creation of the HR role for growing companies, Assist when there is a change in the HR staff, Help to fix broken HR processes/department, Training of new HR staff…

Leadership + Staff Training

Leadership development and training is a proven solution. Businesses and individuals like you seek out guidance and coaching from mentors. When you work with a Creative Collaborator, you open the doors to change, new energy, growth, and confidence. Pulling yourself or business out of a rut is difficult. Our Creative Collaborators make it possible because they push you out of your comfort zone. You finally get the chance to see what you are capable of achieving. At Leadership Arts Associates, we work with businesses and individuals alike to find these answers.

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Team Building + Interventions

Negative employee attitudes will ruin any successful business. Using the wrong team building techniques is just as harmful as ignoring the negativity. In most situations, the negativity spreads to other employees. The right team building activities can break down employees’ walls to pinpoint exactly what they dislike about their situation and increase trust, collaboration, and engagement.

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We work with passionate professionals to inspire them to stay connected. We believe that work should be meaningful and organizations should engage you as their employee. You have a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities to offer the world and you deserve the opportunity to excel professionally.  It would be our privilege to guide you to realize your professional aspirations.

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Creative Clarity Coaching

Our Creative Collaborators actively work with you to peel away the layers holding you back through reflective exercises that make you dig deep. Together, we will figure out why your previous attempts didn’t work and how we can make sure it does this time.

HR + Leadership Coaching

Whether you are new to HR or being a Leader or just need a refresher our Creative Collaborators are dedicated to helping you to hone the skills needed to be successful. This is an individualized approach based on your needs but can include things such as: Hiring, Retention, Engagement, Accountability, Professionalism, etc.  Our training process will empower you to take the tools we have provided to you and thrive in your role.

Job Transition Services

Our Creative Collaborators will work with you to review and update your resume and LinkedIn Profile to make sure you stand out to hiring managers.  The Creative Collaborators can also help to prep you for interviews with some mock questions and tips and tricks to take some of the mystery out of it.

Resume Review
$ 50
Special 50% Off Offer!
Normally $100

Full review of your Resume
Customized to complement your Job Search
Cover Letter Draft when relevant

This offer is valid until June 30, 2020. 

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“HR professionals know the value of a clear and concise resume; however, they find it to be the most difficult document to write for themselves. That is the predicament I find myself in every few years when I know I need to update my resume. The importance of a resume being current is not nearly about finding another job, but to ensure that valuable associations, professional groups, and peers know who you are and what you have accomplished. I have a self-imposed deadline for updating my resume on a three-year cycle. My deadline came and went without action because I did not and could not write about myself. That is why I turned to MaryRose Ritter, Leadership Arts, to help me with this task. MaryRose asked me some very important questions about what I am doing now and future goals. She requested my most recent resume and job description. The end result was a great document that I am proud to hand out because it is the right representation of my career in HR. Professionally written, affordable, and my three-year goals accomplished! Thank you MaryRose!”

- Carolyn L.

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