Individual Services

HRart encompasses the internal arts that unlock individual potential.

HR Intuitive Services

What is an HR Intuitive? Well, let’s break it down. HR (Human Resources) is the term generally applied to those activities concerning the management of people working for organizations. Intuition is the power or faculty of attaining knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference. An intuitive operates in the realm of things often not seen or recognized, due to a lack of sensitivity to the surroundings. This skill set is not magical and is one that everyone possesses, unfortunately for most it is often underdeveloped or blocked subconsciously.

Therefore, an HR Intuitive utilizes their intuitive skill set specifically to attain knowledge or cognition regarding organizational strategies focused on people. The knowledge and cognition attained using this skill set prove particularly helpful when navigating team dynamics, culture change and overall struggles with sustaining engagement. The primary benefit comes from the Intuitive’s ability to release the expectation for evidence and be open to what may be present in between all that we currently know.

HR Workplace Healing Consultation

This 60-minute consultation is for organizations beginning or struggling with cultural work. During the consultation, the HR Intuitive will visit the organization and complete a series of activities to attain a sense of the current cultural state. These activities may include: facility tour, one-on-one interviews or small focus groups. The HR Intuitive will then prepare and provide a debrief report that shares their findings and recommendations.

$99 + travel expenses for consultations outside a 50 mile radius from York, PA

HR Intuitive Consultation

This 30-minute consultation provides you an opportunity to openly speak to an HR Intuitive regarding an employment situation or organizational development issue. The HR Intuitive will then provide insights and recommendations based on the information provided.

$45 (30-Minute Consultation)

Intuitive & Restorative Coaching

Restorative Professional Development Coaching

This Coaching Pathway includes: 30-Minute Discovery Session, 45-Minute Initial Strategy Session, (4) Follow-Up Coaching Sessions of either 30 or 60-Minutes, as well as (4) 45-Minute Qigong Energetic Treatments. These treatments are commonly completed at the beginning of a Follow-Up Coaching Session and are beneficial for individuals with high work demands and an inability to disconnect to focus on their individual development. In addition, this treatment coaching combination may be recommended by the Coach if the overall goal of the coaching relationship includes removing major personal obstacles or a necessity for self-care

Packages start at $2080.
Individual 90-Minute Session: $500

Executive Qigong Coaching

This Coaching Pathway for Executives is a 6-month program. This program is designed specifically for the Individual Executive and includes regular coaching sessions, energetic treatments as well as active support in between. This program is ideal for Executives that are feeling stagnant in their position or in their ability to manifest their vision.

Pricing will vary depending on the client and their desired outcomes.

Intuitive Professional Development Coaching

This Coaching Pathway includes: 30-Minute Discovery Session, 45-Minute Initial Strategy Session, (4) Follow-Up Coaching Sessions of either 30 or 60-Minutes. The duration is typically determined with the Coach after the Discovery Session.

Packages start at $1700.
Individual 60-minute Session: $425

Restorative Qigong Services

The word “Qi Gong”, literally translated from Chinese, means “Energy Work”. It is a highly refined system of exercises and meditations that develop our ability to acquire, store, circulate, and purify our Qi (Vital Energy). Through diligent practice of Qigong, we learn how to use our mind as a tool to direct the flow of electrical signals and energetic currents that comprise the integrated matrix of our body, mind, and emotions. This can lead to a greater sense of mastery over our mental, physical, and emotional health, as well as greater resistance to everyday stresses and disease.

Medical Qigong is the application of Qigong for medical purposes. The practitioner assists the patient by redirecting, cleansing, and restoring the patients vital energy based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. During a Medical Qigong treatment, the patient generally lies or sits on the treatment table while the practitioner uses various hand movements and mental images to perform the energetic healing procedure. Often the patient can feel certain things happening in the body, both on a physical and emotional level. Sometimes, the patient simply gets a sense of deep relaxation and well-being. The experience of the treatment will be different for each patient. There are no invasive techniques used, and little to no physical touching is required.

Sources: East Coast Institute of  Medical Qigong // International Medical Qigong College

Medial Qigong Treatment Session

A Medical Qigong session is approximately one hour. Initial sessions may be longer. (Cost: $75)

Qi can pass through air and clothing, so there is no need to disrobe. The practitioner often works about a foot away from the client’s body, and sometimes lightly touches the client to guide and manipulate the movement of Qi. The client may feel varying sensations as the Qi moves, such as warmth, tingling, coolness, vibration, and sometimes twitching as the stagnant energy releases. Generally, clients find the treatments extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. Sometimes clients may become aware of uncomfortable emotions that have been suppressed and have an emotional release either during or after the treatment. As one of the primary goals of Medical Qigong therapy is to release toxic emotions from within the body’s tissues, having an emotional release is extremely beneficial to one’s psychological and physiological well-being.

After the treatment the client will be given Qigong prescriptions to assist in their ongoing healing. These Medical Qigong exercises and meditations are tailored specifically to the clients, similar to an acupuncturist prescribing healing herbs or a medical doctor giving a pharmaceutical prescription.

Virtual Private Qigong Lessons

60-Minute Lesson (Cost: $45)

This includes private instruction of Qigong exercises to specifically address your goals. This is ideal for the individual interested in self-cultivation practices. Lessons typically last 60-minutes and include a custom Qigong workout plan.

Qigong’s great appeal is that anyone can enrich their lives by adding qigong to their daily routine, regardless of ability, age, belief system, or life circumstances. Qigong exercises enable people to feel and perform better and have higher levels of energy and stamina.

People practice qigong to maintain health, heal their bodies, calm their minds, and reconnect with their spirit.

Qigong exercises properly practiced can:

  • Improve physical strength and energy
  • Help to relieve pain, illness, and physical problems
  • Maintain and improve your state of physical fitness and mental well being
  • Provide a feeling of calm, comfort, balance, and rejuvenation
  • Aid in increasing longevity and overall good health