Online Workshops

HRart Healing 101 Workshop

A Free Online Workshop for Passionate Professionals. Create a restorative practice that will bring peace of mind, higher awareness, emotional balance, stronger immunity, increased intuitive powers, and most importantly, an increased capacity to heal. Here’s what you’ll learn in this workshop:

  • The true intent of HRart Healing
  • How to begin feeling energy
  • The three objectives of Medical Qigong, a powerful Chinese artform for self-healing
  • A standing meditation designed to increase energy
  • Exercises to remove stagnant energy that no longer serves you

120-Day Free Online Qigong Challenge

You do you and I’ll do me. I am challenging myself and inviting you along. For 120-days, I want to commit to engaging in a personal practice centered around clearing my body of energy that does not serve me, standing meditation and breathwork.

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