HR Disengagement Detox

Next Cohort Begins April 14th, 2021

Disengagement does not happen overnight and it’s not isolated to tough times. Instead it is a build up of contamination from a collective of disengaging interactions at work. To undo disengagement and prevent it from reaching a destructive level we must intentionally detox the toxins. A practice that is vital for HR practitioners.

Come learn the 5-step framework that integrates Medical Qigong into a personal detox you can do on an ongoing basis. In this one of a kind, group coaching program.

2022 Vision Fest

Come Create A Connected Canvas!

A Connected Canvas serves as a reminder. It is uniquely created with the reminders you need throughout the year to be affirmed that you are on the right path. Some refer to this creation as their annual map of signs from the universe helping to guide the way as they pursue their true purpose and passion.