The art of HR is a healing practice.

It is recognizing the people behind the positions.
It’s seeing the potential they possess.

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Let's Continue Our Work Together

As you continue actively pursuing your purpose by following your intuition…our HRart work aims to be of service.

To make your voice stronger, your strategies bolder and your vision possible.

We will share the latest when it comes to our work, but we hope to serve as a gentle reminder and source of affirmation in your inbox…

For you to continue your own HRart work.

Start your HRart Work with a Book

Do you need a nudge to move you forward to the next great thing in your life? Do you need inspiration to move past fear and heal wounds of past hurt? Do you want to recognize the beauty in the lessons of life whether they are full of joy or difficulty? Are you ready to grow, become stronger, and more aware?

Unstuck U: The Guide to Feeling Forward
From Heart to HRart: Empowering You to Work, Live, and Love
  • Providing Restorative Qigong, Yin Yoga & HR Intuitive Services for Passionate Professionals


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The HRart of It Podcast

Are you ready to manifest change within yourself and your business? By trade, I have been an HR practitioner for over a decade. Playfully referred to as the “Unicorn” for my overly optimistic view of what I believe the workplace should be and my undeniable belief that it is actually possible. Let’s face it, the ever-changing dynamics of the world today have taken a serious toll on our organizational cultures. Join me for raw conversation on organizational development to create an environment where both people and the organization thrive. Let’s talk about what HR can make possible!

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    Samm exclusively speaks to her HR tribe and HRart-driven Leaders.


HR Intuitive Institute

Work+ Love LIVE is a weekly live stream where we chat about essential WORK to continue living our connected lives. We then end each stream with some LOVE, filling up your cup with a personal healing qigong practice.

Join me every Thursday LIVE
12:15 PM EST/ 9:15 AM EST!

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