The art of HR is a healing practice.

It is recognizing the people behind the positions.
It’s seeing the potential they possess.

  • Restoring Passionate Professionals

    Through Qigong, Yin Yoga & HR Intuitive Services


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Start your HRart Work with a Book

Do you need a nudge to move you forward to the next great thing in your life? Do you need inspiration to move past fear and heal wounds of past hurt? Do you want to recognize the beauty in the lessons of life whether they are full of joy or difficulty? Are you ready to grow, become stronger, and more aware?

Unstuck U: The Guide to Feeling Forward
From Heart to HRart: Empowering You to Work, Live, and Love



Join Samm for raw conversation around people development and organizational culture change to create an environment where both thrive. In this podcast, we are chatting about what HR can truly make possible by getting to the HRart of it.

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Let’s talk about our feelings! The feelings we feel as people working within these organizations. It’s impossible to dissolve disengagment without HRart Moving Moments. Moments that can enlighten us in this realm of disengagment. Moments that provide a new level of empathy to create the engaged organizational cultures we desire. Are you ready to have your HRart moved?

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