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Our second lesson from Abraham Hicks on Well-Being was… 

“By visualizing my desired outcome, the perfect action is always inspired.

As your desire to feel good leads you to thoughts that feel good, the perfect action will be inspired from that alignment.

And that inspired action is always joyful.”

-Abraham Hicks

The Work…

Here’s a fun fact about me, I get in fights with my calling. In particular, the fights are typically centered around when the next evolution of my growth is being requested. It is in these moments, that I have often finally found some sort of comfort again in new grounding. Although these moments are always short lived because I begin to get nudges from Spirit, for what’s next and I’m often stubborn, I fight, I refuse. I flat out say, I don’t want to do it, I want to stay right where I am. 

Recently, I just received another nudge but this time it was different. My defensive reflex kicked in almost immediately, prepared to fight, however what used to sound like a demand was now a peaceful request. There was no demand or expectation that what was being requested needed to be delivered immediately. In fact, I was encouraged to take my time and be intentional about every detail of this request. 

I was strictly asked to consider what I’m being asked and begin considering moving in that direction. When we are living life on our connected path, our calling becomes less of a fear-filled opportunity but more so a collective of joyful actions that make us feel good. We feel good because we are living aligned with the highest vibration possible, love. 

The request that was made of me was to continue following my connected path and continue to trust that the action inspired by that alignment will manifest this request. 

Where are you on your connected path and conversations with your inner guide? Are you fighting or have begun to find that the resistance is no longer necessary?

The Love… 

Our practice this week is centered on healing grief. For the past week, I have seen and experienced emotional outbursts of anger, frustration and irritation. However, I have come to see that below the surface of these emotions is still a great sadness. So, my hope is that this practice will serve you.

Work: I am Life Everlasting // Love: Healing + Releasing Grief
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