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    Leadership Ideology

I feel a sense of empowerment from this.

I’m learning to learn from others.

Make mistakes. Grow.

I’m taking more time for me, every day.

I’m letting staff figure out things on their own.

As far as the future, I want more.

Bolder dreams, bolder goals.

Finally starting to put me first.

I’m giving staff my undivided attention.

I’m energized and optimistic.

Regardless if you have been in a Leadership role for a few days or a few decades, I believe we can all agree that the lessons of leadership are never finished. In fact, the greatest teacher is each other. Those of us that are living, breathing and trying our best to be what everyone expects of a great leader. Problem is, everyone’s expectations are different and unique to the individual that possesses them, that leads to quite a dilemma. The only answer is to lead intentionally, lead in a way that is defined by you. Lead guided by an Ideology you possess that is so strong that the impact and influence you ultimately desire is inevitable. 

Leadership Ideology was designed to be a platform for leaders to teach each other. Where new leaders have the opportunity to learn from those more experienced and tenured leaders are given the gift of possible fresh perspective with a sense of renewed vigor. Leadership Ideology uses a guide to facilitate a cohort through a three-part series, where leaders are exposed to the most essential leadership skill sets. Leaders are challenged to bring these skills to life, going beyond theory and to direct application.

The series concludes with each Leader articulating their personal Leadership Ideology that will serve as a guide to their legacy. It will also serve as their clearly defined commitment to their team, organization and more importantly themselves of how they will choose to intentionally lead.

​​​​​Part One: The Power with an Ideology

The first session in our series lays the foundation for this powerful platform. This is a time of meeting, establishing expectations for the program and acknowledging the extraordinary possible outcomes. We introduce the cohort to the key concepts of having a core philosophy to obtain our goals, as well as facilitate a discussion around attitude and support.

During this session, participants will:

  • 1
    Develop an informal network amongst fellow leaders.
  • 2
    Discuss the concepts of a philosophy.
  • 3
    Discuss the basic daily disciplines for success.
  • 4
    Recognize the significant role attitude and support play in their leadership role.

Part Two: Making Money & Managing People

The line between leadership and manager is sometimes blurred. But for most, being in a formal leadership role means having the role and responsibilities of a manager. You must be able to manage aspects of the business, while understanding how your daily decisions integrate with your ultimate leadership vision. During this time, we cover all major managerial skills utilizing a life-sized board game called Pay Day. The cohort works in small teams of 5-6 people, guiding themselves through a whirlwind of scenarios and activities with periodic check-in lessons by the facilitator.

In this session, participants will:

  • 1
    Identify the foundational concepts necessary for their role as a leader within their organization.
  • 2
    Describe the significance of establishing and maintaining credibility as a leader.
  • 3
    Develop methods to empower and engage individuals.
  • 4
    Recognize the varied perceptions and consequences associated with being a leader.

Part Three: Intentionally Leading

The final session in our series promotes extra time for the cohort to evolve the key learning concepts they have collected along the way. We create a cohort driven incubator, where we introduce human motivation theory and allow the leaders to explore possible applications that maximize their capacity. Leaders are then given time and walked through the step-by-step process to create their personal Leadership Ideology. We conclude the session with each leader sharing their Ideology and any other final remarks. This session is a beautiful ending and a true testament to this incredible platform.

During this session, participants will:

  • 1
    Explore inspirational and creative leadership.
  • 2
    Reflect on their entire cohort experience.
  • 3
    Create their personal Leadership Ideology.
  • 4
    Share their personal Leadership Ideology and outcomes.

Cost: $99 Per Session

Total Investment: $297 + $30 Materials Cost  |  Cohort Minimum: 4

Minimums are set at the discretion of the facilitator and must be met in order for this workshop to take place.

Upcoming Sessions


28sep1:00 pm4:00 pmLeadership Ideology: ​​​​​Part OneLeading with Intent: The Power with an Ideology


04oct8:30 am12:30 pmLeadership Ideology: ​​​​​Part TwoLeading with Intent: Making Money & Managing People


01nov8:30 am11:30 amLeadership Ideology: ​​​​​Part ThreeLeading with Intent: Intentionally Leading

02nov1:00 pm5:00 pmLeadership Ideology: ​​​​​Part TwoLeading with Intent: Making Money & Managing People

30nov1:00 pm4:00 pmLeadership Ideology: ​​​​​Part ThreeLeading with Intent: Intentionally Leading

Case Study

We were approached by a local restaurant to facilitate Leadership Ideology for their management team.

The team was comprised of the Restaurant Manager, Marketing Director and (5) Supervisors. The restaurant owner decided not to participate in the series and instead wanted the series to serve as a true investment in the team.

This team created the youngest cohort we have ever had experience the program. The participants were not only the youngest by age but also in experience level, most only out of high school.

At the conclusion of the program, the participants shared the following personal Ideologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could this program be facilitated with my team? Or is that not a good idea?

Do you have to take all Three Parts in a specific order? What if I can’t make one of the sessions?

Do I have to be in a formal Leadership role to take this program? I am currently aspiring to be a leader.

What does the material cost cover?

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