About MaryRose Ritter – Leadership Arts Associates

I've explored the world.

People ask what makes how I approach things different than others in the field; I believe a part of it is the fact that I am a proud Navy Brat.  I spent my childhood moving from place to place, meeting new people and exploring the world. With that experience comes an appreciation and understanding of individualism, community, and innovation.

My family is my motivation.

The other part is that my motivation is my family, I take great pride in being a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt and Godmother and my life and work reflects the importance of those.

Creating cultures of accountability...

I thrive on helping organizations create and maintain an effective culture of accountability, which in turn increases morale and productivity.  I am passionate about effecting change within organizations and providing them with the tools to continue their momentum.

I am a resource.

I am a resource for organizations and HR Practitioners to utilize for simple tasks or full overhauls of Human Resources functions and training.  I see the need and want to provide educational opportunities in Human Resources topics for Human Resources Practitioners and business owners alike.

I thrive on meeting new people and continuing to evolve as a person and practitioner.

I am inspired by
giving back to the community
and helping people new to Human Resources
to explore and find their place.