Praise – Leadership Arts Associates

MaryRose’s services have been much needed for Healthy Hemp.  We’ve been quickly growing over the last few months and needed to hire over 20 employees during this time.  MaryRose has been with us every step of the way and has helped us land some pretty solid candidates.  I appreciate her professionalism and her ability to follow up on all interviews she passed on for our consideration. I could not recommend her services more to any small or medium size business that doesn’t have the need for a full-time HR person!

Amanda Witters
Healthy Hemp

Working with MaryRose was an absolute pleasure. This was my first time having my resume professionally analyzed and done- as such I was extremely nervous as to what her feedback and process would be. At my delight she was very laid back and non-judgmental. She asked key questions about the type of positions I would be applying to and tailored my resume to reflect the necessary skills I would need, skills I already possessed but poorly reflected on my resume.

Without a second thought I would recommend anyone looking to have their resume professionally done to MaryRose.

T.L. Barrett

Nutec retained MaryRose to provide onsite services to revamp our HR process. During this time, she embraced our culture and immersed herself in the firm to truly understand our needs and business direction. Her knowledge and professionalism have been valuable to our organization.

Steve Jamison
Nutec Facilities Corp