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“Being new to Medical Qigong Samm made me feel comfortable and motivated to learn more. If you’re interested in better health, more energy, and an improved outlook, I highly recommend Samm and her great work! I was blown away by the immediate impact to my energy!”

- Ryan McShane

“Samm provides a calm in the storm in one on one coaching. She can help untangle complicated personal and professional situations. Working with Samm you have the opportunity to gain confidence as you learn new skills.”

- Kim P.

“Samm helped us address things that we could get better at, and that we knew we had to get better at to take our organization to the next level. She also helped us realize things that we didn’t even know we needed to get to that level. We are so glad we brought her in.”

- Deron S.

“Nancy is phenomenal and I couldn’t think of someone with a more fitting personality to lead this class.”

- Diana W.

“Nancy does a wonderful with keeping things comfortable. She is an excellent and engaging facilitator.”

- Kelly S.

“Nancy was good at this class. She held the attention of everyone, and was knowledgeable. I know I will be able apply what I have learned thanks to Nancy.”

- Josh T.

“After taking this class I feel more empowered to have a difficult conversation with my coworkers. I also loved Nancy’s definition of common sense versus common knowledge and her reminder about the scope of conversations within our job description and what should be elevated to our manager. Overall this class definitely had a very open setting and good vibe for sharing.”

- Sharon H.

“Best part of the class,  I learned something new, and I learn something about myself. Your class gave me the opportunity to step away from meeting patient needs. And, take time to reframe how I work within our team.  Thank you!  You do and have always done a wonderful job.”

- Kelly

“MaryRose’s services have been much needed for Healthy Hemp.  We’ve been quickly growing over the last few months and needed to hire over 20 employees during this time.  MaryRose has been with us every step of the way and has helped us land some pretty solid candidates.  I appreciate her professionalism and her ability to follow up on all the interviews she passed on for our consideration. I could not recommend her services more to any small or medium-size business that doesn’t have the need for a full-time HR person!”

- Amanda Witters

“I attended Engagement RechARTed because I am at a point of transition personally and professionally. I was looking for a way to explore what I was feeling and thinking before I made a leap. Engagement RechARTed helped me by clarifying how I respond when I feel negatively perceived emotions. Providing an additional way of processing my experiences and feelings. I found the experience to be supportive, creative and freeing. It has no preconceived expectations. A place where there is no right or wrong answer. I would recommend Engagement RechARTed to people who need a safe place to explore. A place to get your hands dirty and creatively express yourself.”

- Kimberly Preske

“I attended Engagement RechARTed because it’s good to connect and I love Samm’s approach. Engagement RechARTed helped me by focusing on where I need to go and what I need to do. I found the experience to be interesting to open up about experiences and to be a good way to connect with the feelings. I would recommend Engagement RechARTed to people who need some direction to move past some fears and find a new direction.”

- Holly Kile

“I attended Engagement RechARTed because I wanted to learn more about what Leadership Arts Associates has to offer and either confirm my purpose/direction or to open my eyes to something I’m totally missing. This workshop helped me by letting me release during a time of confusion and frustration while figuring out the “underlying issue.” I found the experience stretching! It required personal thought while still providing freedom in those thoughts and it stretched us to find them in tools we aren’t used to. I would recommend Engagement RechARTed to people who need direction, redirection, healing or clarity.”

- Amanda Miranda

“I attended Engagement RechARTed because at work I have become disengaged. I have made a lot of negative changes which I understand and would like to do something about it. This workshop helped me understand and accept this change. I found the experience to be helpful, impactful and necessary to overcome my objections not just in my job but in life experiences. I would recommend Engagement RechARTed to people who need help understanding everything that was taught today. It was very good for me. Thank you!”

- Past Participant

“I attended Engagement RechARTed because “my boss made me” but I am always looking to develop myself & love this type of stuff. The workshop helped me by making some signs I was getting & thoughts I was having so clear. I found the experience interesting, eye-opening and validating. I would recommend Engagement RechARTed to people who need help deciding what’s next. Who are bored with their job/career & need re-energized. Who are having thoughts/feeling about making a change but need help clarifying it.”

- Gina Nobile

“I attended Engagement RechARTed because I wanted to experience a unique way to engage in self-inquiry. This workshop helped me by identifying habits I continue to tolerate and addressing the boundaries being affected. I found the experience very enriching. I was affirmed in the progress I’ve made so far and this experience helped me focus on what I need to take care of next. I would recommend the workshop to people who need to shift their mindset. I found this experience to be very restorative.”

- Antonio Hernandez Jr.

“I attended Engagement RechARTed because I was dissatisfied with my current job and was open to either changing careers or becoming more engaged in my current one. This workshop helped me to quiet my monkey mind and to allow the quiet, innate voice to be heard. I found the experience creative and centering. I would recommend Engagement RechARTed to people who need a different way to approach HR matters. This is a unique blend of corporate HR wisdom and mindfulness exercises.”

- Audrey Maddox

“I attended Engagement RechARTed because I was looking for professional direction. This workshop helped me by increasing my self-awareness about my fears and re-affirming my strengths & priorities in life. I would recommend the experience to people who need career clarification or want to identify their passion.”

- Melissa Speal

“I attended Engagement RechARTed because I was curious and interested in self-discovery. If you’re experiencing any uncertainty or challenges in your personal or professional life, Samm’s workshop is a perfect way to center your thoughts and feelings. It will direct your focus where it is most effective to move you forward. The curriculum promotes revelation and Samm helps direct solutions to those discoveries through art.”

- Past Participant

“I attended this workshop because I was interested in learning more about Leadership Arts Associates. Samm proved to me that I can have an artist’s heart. Her plan of action and activities gave me insight into my inner artist. Samm made exploring our artistic soul fun. I have recommended Samm to co-workers and our management team.”

- Tami

“I attended Engagement RechARTed because Samm invited me to attend and I think it definitely helped me in seeing and discovering things about myself. The session helped me understand and reflect on the overall positive within myself instead of allowing the sadness and dark background from my past to consume my present. I found the experience fun and creative. I would recommend Engagement RechARTed to people who need a reminder of their self worth and how to improve themselves and their surroundings. During this program, I discovered that even though the past may have affected my life negatively. I have to look and allow the positive light to stand out more.”

- Elena Hernandez-Sixtos

“I attended Engagement RechARTed because I wanted a recharge and boost. The session helped me explore my boundaries and uncover my inner voice. I found the experience to be affirming. It centered my thoughts and gave me a creative nudge to explore opportunities. I would recommend the program to people who need space to listen to their inner thoughts.”

- Katie Caples

“Samm challenged me to go beyond the surface in every facet of my life. As a result, I am more self-aware of my feelings, my behaviors and my energy. In working with her I have rediscovered my authentic voice.”

- Katie Caples

“Nutec retained MaryRose to provide onsite services to revamp our HR process. During this time, she embraced our culture and immersed herself in the firm to truly understand our needs and business direction. Her knowledge and professionalism have been valuable to our organization.”

- Steve Jamison

“HR professionals know the value of a clear and concise resume; however, they find it to be the most difficult document to write for themselves. That is the predicament I find myself in every few years when I know I need to update my resume. The importance of a resume being current is not nearly about finding another job, but to ensure that valuable associations, professional groups, and peers know who you are and what you have accomplished. I have a self-imposed deadline for updating my resume on a three-year cycle. My deadline came and went without action because I did not and could not write about myself. That is why I turned to MaryRose Ritter, Leadership Arts, to help me with this task. MaryRose asked me some very important questions about what I am doing now and future goals. She requested my most recent resume and job description. The end result was a great document that I am proud to hand out because it is the right representation of my career in HR. Professionally written, affordable, and my three-year goals accomplished! Thank you MaryRose!”

- Carolyn L.

“The people in the audience appreciated the sharing of your stories and ideas. You helped to open the door for not only the people in the audience but for their organizations and the community.”

- Carol K.

“You’ve inspired me to follow a career in leadership and team development. I wanted you to know that I learned so much from you and that your passion for what you do really shows! Thank you and I hope I have the opportunity to learn from you again in the future.”

- Gina N.

“This was a very enlightening session, I really liked that the topics covered in this session can be applied at any point in your career at any kind of career change. Topics covered in this session are things I’ve already started implementing in my current role.”

- Past Attendee

“Great speaker with great information. Highly recommend bringing her back.”

- Past Attendee

“Samm was fantastic. Please have her back.”

- Past Attendee

“Working with MaryRose was an absolute pleasure. This was my first time having my resume professionally analyzed and done- as such I was extremely nervous as to what her feedback and process would be. At my delight, she was very laid back and non-judgmental. She asked key questions about the type of positions I would be applying to and tailored my resume to reflect the necessary skills I would need, skills I already possessed but poorly reflected on my resume.

Without a second thought, I would recommend anyone looking to have their resume professionally done to MaryRose.”

- T.L. Barrett

“Awesome! My favorite session. Learned a lot and shared the info with my team at work.”

- Past Attendee

“Fantastic session. Samm was very well prepared and had some fantastic tips for leadership.”

- Past Attendee

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