We Are HR (2-Hour Training Event)

We Are HR (2-Hour Training Event)

Tuesday, October 27th from 7PM-9PM EST

The first ten years of my professional life were dedicated to serving organizations associated with the profession that I had fallen in love with. I ate, slept and bled HR. It was and is the ultimate essence and source of inspiration for all of my work. Even my self-help journey was sparked from a desire to become a better practitioner, identifying organizational culture strategies that truly serve those with whom I work. I am driven by the belief that people make the difference; without them, organizations fail. The key to all organizational culture development and overall engagement strategies are fueled by our ability to innately connect with the people.

In this 2-hour workshop, learn why you need to once again hear a voice that has long been suppressed, forgotten or ignored. 

During this workshop, we will:

One. Discuss the changing dynamics in Human Resources that has resulted in a need for us to evolve how we approach our profession. 

Two. Share how the responsibility of Human Resources has truly expanded in its scope of who needs to be engaged in order to implement the necessary organizational strategies to thrive.

Three. Explore the skill set of intuition in leadership and how its absence has resulted in a significant disconnect.

You registration comes with your own personal copy of The HR Intuitive (Value: $14.99)