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Connect to your HRart + with others

Yin for You: Balance in a Yang Filled Life

These classes are a collection of yin filled methods that can be integrated into your life. They become personal self care practices, that can take as little as 10 minutes a day. We believe this is a pivotal element of stress management. Our ability to manage stress becomes extremely difficult when we are depleted physically, mentally and emotionally. Our Yin for You classes are offered as a method to begin integrating a personal practice into your life.

Vision Fest: A Powerful Manifesting Workshop

Come create a Connected Canvas!  A Connected Canvas is a powerful manifestation tool. Created with the sole intention of empowering you to stay on your connected path. This canvas serves as a reminder. It is uniquely created with what you need throughout the year to be affirmed. Some refer to this creation as their annual map of signs from the universe helping to guide the way as they pursue their true purpose and passion.

Unstuck U Webinar Workshops

The true magic of The Unstuck U Method comes from within, however years and year of ignoring our inner guidance makes it quite difficult to hear. It is during these live webinar workshops that the connection through others allows you to see and hear with a perspective that is no longer natural. It is in this community that we help each other hear and see again so that we may all live on our intended connected paths.

Reflective Wisdom: Points of You®

A photo brings the past into the present. It’s a footprint of our mind. A reflection of our life. A frozen memory we can hold in stillness, if we wish. A photo allows us to know where we’ve been and to point the way to a new possibility.

The Points of You® approach offers a unique way to connect with yourself and with others and gain distinct insight.