A Taste of LA

Hungry for a change? Are you trying to find your true potential? Curious about us and how we can transform your life?

A Taste of LA is your chance to make a change, find your potential, and see what adventure we have waiting for you!

We embrace a creative approach to learning, transpiring, and growing ourselves. We want to show you how to do the same. The Taste of LA experiences lets you clear your mind, channel your inner self and create a masterpiece reflective of your emotions, struggles, and desires.

Who needs to attend?

Let’s start with YOU! It’s the perfect experience for individuals, friends, couples, and co-workers to refresh and recharge your inner self. Past participants walked away feeling more confident and ready to conquer their goals.

What to Expect

Hear. Take a journey to your inner self through guided meditation. Meditation is a proven technique that calms your thoughts, makes them clear, and lets you find your true inspiration.

Touch. Forget about traditional painting tools and think outside the box! Past experiences included using cups, squeegees, sponges, and hands! We encourage you to paint what you feel and see during meditation. Each season inspires a new medium. Which will inspire you?

See. There is no shame in admiration during the Taste of LA experience. Take the time to sit back and admire your finished masterpiece. You’ll be amazed by what you bring to life on canvas!

Taste & Smell. No experience is complete without food and beverages. Let’s face it, after meditation and unleashing your inner creativity, you’ve earned it! Each class inspires something unique like beer and cheese tastings or wine and chocolate pairings.

How Did I Get Here?

By Meredith Stone

I am always asked this question, how did you come to where you are now artistically? Well, I didn't have any formal art education, other than taking an extra art class in high school to fill in the space between my schedule. In fact, there were no art classes in college either. My passion for art has always been within me, probably starting very early because I grew up living in Europe and seeing impressionist pieces with my own eyes. There were also some other trips to art galleries here in the states too, that were always enjoyable. Back then it was never something I thought I could do one day.

2016 was a year of change for me. With these changes, I was forced to find myself. After attending a few more wine paint nights, I decided one day I wanted to go buy some art materials for myself and give this painting a try at home. After buying the essentials, I poured myself a glass of wine and started painting. After doing this on and off for a few weeks, and continuing to run to the craft store for more supplies, I realized this hobby was turning into a passion.

At the end of the year after speaking with Samm about an opportunity to be the Creative Curator at Leadership Arts Associates, I decided to give abstract paintings a whirl. It was intimidating at first, but again, each time I practiced I got significantly better. I tried different mediums, textures, and styles. My dining room became my art studio/gallery, with art work exploding everywhere. I would find myself (and still do) that if I'm having a stressful day, I just want to go home and paint. Sometimes I take my art into my garage and add spray paint to canvas, other times it's pouring many colors into a cup and dumping it over a vinyl record.

Art has taught me to create a mindfulness that I didn't know I had. To turn something crazy into something beautiful. And you know what the best part of all this is? I am now working to share my passion with others at Leadership Arts. And, my artwork is actually being displayed in downtown York as well at Small Star Art House.

Stay tuned, this story is just beginning. And I am thrilled to share it.

Only $49!

includes all of your paint materials, paint materials, canvas, and the tasting.

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