Ready to go from feeling disconnected and unworthy to engaged and living life with a purpose?

Engagement RechARTed guides you to identify your passion, figure out where you became disengaged, and break down the walls holding you back. This program is designed to reconnect you with your work by creatively exploring your moments of disengagement. Rediscover your drive, motivation, and live the work life that brings you inner happiness.

"I found Engagement RechARTed to be an invigorating creative experience. It is so easy to become stagnant in our feel hopeless and lost in our daily work, but this workshop truly helps rekindle those motivational fires. The meditations and activities in this program were very well done - they were challenging in a fun and creative way. I absolutely love my creations from the program as well as the lessons I walked away with. It was such a valuable opportunity, I look forward to participating in Engagement RechARTed again!"

-Bobbi Billman, Small Steps, Big Successes, LLC

During the Engagement RechARTed, you will:

  1. Become inspired to look deeper and find out what you really need to be professionally satisfied
  2. Release blocks that have built up in the last year and are ultimately limiting your professional potential
  3. Rediscover your potential and find the power to believe again in your passion and greater purpose
  4. Become the engaged employee that employers are seeking by boosting your own morale
  5. Learn how to sustain what you’ve discovered

Why Engagement RechARTed?

Take control of your own life.

Samm worked in Human Resources for the past decade and listened to employee’s struggles and unhappiness. They often felt trapped in their careers or organizations. She quickly realized businesses and organizations are not always willing or capable of helping their employees reconnect with their true purpose. This program is a chance for you take back control of your career, your drive, and your passion by connecting with others on the same journey.

Define your needs.

Whether you want to grow your career, be a better employee, or change career paths altogether – this program is for you! It’s how you look deep; identify your professional desires and break down the walls holding you back. Discover your potential while pinpointing exactly what you need to experience work happiness.

Reconnect with your goals.

Learn how to realign your life with your goals and dreams. Knowing that you are taking daily steps to achieve your lifelong ambitions gives you a sense of purpose and makes it possible to be engaged. Satisfaction is this one area of life that leads you to a more balanced overall life. Learn how to focus on your success, experience happiness, and be the employee you and your boss always wanted.

Go From Disengaged to Engaged

By Samm Smeltzer

When I first began drafting the Engagement RechARTed Program, I was attempting to answer one question. What did I have to share with the world? After all of my life experiences, work experiences and now that I was building an organization of my own, I had to ask, for what purpose? I needed to gain clarity on exactly what I was trying to achieve. From a very broad perspective, I wanted people to know that being truly engaged in your work was possible, more significantly that it wasn’t only your employer that could give this to you. Engagement and work life happiness are within your control.

Professional satisfaction was something I had striven and searched for my entire life. All I wanted was to find a place of employment that could make this dream come true and I would be theirs until retirement and maybe even longer. This was the dream that my father instilled in me, an employer that earned your loyalty for life. Yet when I started my professional journey, that is not what I found. I went through essentially three cycles resulting in three very similar dead ends. Where I repeatedly asked myself, why? I even started to question, if there was something wrong with me? How come I couldn’t get hired and simply be happy?

As I replayed in my mind the cycles, the endings, the resulting feelings. It was in this reflection, I began to realize the lessons that were contained in these cycles. These are the lessons that inspired me to share this reflection experience with you, which is Engagement RechARTed.

Where finding your way back to work happiness is possible? Where finding your way out of the continual cycles is possible? Where finding the answers to your, what seems like never ending, professional frustrations is possible?

Individuals, like you, tell me every day that they feel disconnected, and almost hopeless in the belief that career satisfaction is even possible. Over time, it becomes more and more difficult to remember why you even started down your professional path. Come regain control of your work life, happiness, and motivation with Engagement RechARTed.

Meet your Facilitator

Samm has set out on a unique journey to achieve the most effective style of management and leadership within the workplace. With over a decade of HR experience Samm has discovered the key to transformation lies in creative methods. Samm’s experience stems from serving as a HR Manager within two U.S. based retail companies for several years, responsible for multiple store sites in various states. Prior to the creation of Leadership Arts Associates, Samm developed and implemented company-wide educational programs for leadership and staff at a large Central Pennsylvania Healthcare System. Samm has functioned as a consultant to enhance team and individual performance. She is certified by the HR Certification Institute as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and by the Society for Human Resource Management as a SHRM-CP. Samm’s dedicated efforts resulted in multiple awards two of them being 2013 Organizational Learning & Development Educator of the Year and Penn State’s 2015 Outstanding Graduate Student in Training and Development. Samm’s experience combined with her desire to educate and engage others resulted in the creation of Leadership Arts Associates, a firm devoted to revolutionizing professional and organizational development.

You are not alone. This program is designed to transform your life by connecting you with other individuals JUST LIKE YOU!

Meet, engage, and learn from others in all stages of their career journey.

Only $75!

includes all materials and lunch

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