Flower Pot Reflections

What is holding you back from taking the next step in your life? Your career?
Is it self-doubt, disbelief, or fear of the unknown?

If you don’t know the answer or said yes to any of the reasons listed, it’s time for you to invest in YOU!

This event will carve away your mental roadblocks without realizing it.

Flower Pot Reflections are a workout for your soul and mind that take you to your deepest thoughts through guided meditation. You come face to face with your fears and self-doubt and learn to channel your inner hope and excitement.

The Power of the Mind

The strength in Flower Pot Reflection is that it brings both sides of your mind together to work as one. After your meditation is complete, you get the opportunity to ‘release’ your journey by painting your flower pot. Choose colors you see during meditation, favorite colors, your least favorite colors, or whichever colors you find first. No artistic ability required – just an open mind!

Unique Experience

Every individual’s experience is unique. We cannot predict what your flower pot will look like but chances are no two will be the same. You will be surprised by the outcome and your flower pot continues to remind you of your meditation over time. No matter what your takeaway is that night – it will be impossible to forget.

During the Flowerpot Reflections, you will discover:
  1. Your inner roadblocks
  2. Your confidence
  3. Your artistic side

Previous participants describe our signature program as life changing, transcending and releasing. Experience the creative experiment of paint and clay flower pots that reveals, reminds and challenges you.

Free Flowerpot Reflection Postcards

Download your favorite Flowerpot Reflection as a keepsake.

What will your pot reveal? What will your pot remind you of? What are you afraid of?

Find the answers to these questions and more at our next Flower Pot Reflections.

Only $25!

includes all of your paint materials, clay pot and a guide to reveal what your flower pot is meant to teach you.

This is a powerful experience for individuals, friends, and couples.

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