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Rollercoaster Reflection

TFWN Technique

Moleskine Journals: https://us.moleskine.com/

Inner Child, Inner Joy

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Seeing It

Toleration Exercise

Download Toleration Evaluation PDF Worksheet

The Rule of Three Technique

Download The Rule of Three PDF Worksheet

I Noticed You, Noticing Me

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Step One. Quiet the Mind Audio Track:

Step Two. Notice You Audio Track:

Step Three. Noticing Me Audio Track:

Unstuck U Art Kit

Find a HRart Coach

At Leadership Arts Associates, we challenge you by stretching your comfort zone so you can be better. We stick by you through the entire process, so you don’t tackle new territory alone. And we hold you accountable, so you keep moving forward.

Our Creative Collaborators actively work with you to peel away the layers holding you back through reflective exercises that make you dig deep. Together, we will figure out why your previous attempts didn’t work and how we can make sure it does this time.

In addition, we offer Intuitive Coaching that goes much deeper into the source of a problem or challenge as it probes on a spiritual level. It assists in awakening, who you are in your core as a person, as a spiritual being, which further leads you to discover your true purpose.

Coaching sessions may be facilitated in-person at our offices in York, Pennsylvania or online via video conference call.

Inner Child, Inner Joy Audio Track

Full Audio Track:

Voice Only Track:

Video Tutorials for Artistic Releases