About Samm Smeltzer – Leadership Arts Associates

This is my Why.

To connect through small intimate moments, so that the worthiness of love and joy lives. Connection serves of particular significance to me and I am always welcoming of opportunities to connect with people. I value new connections, rekindling old and strengthening those with individuals that feed my soul by making me feel worthy of love.

I am introverted by nature.

I have been identified by others as super sensitive. These characteristics have manifested in a manner that I now own as gifts. These gifts empower me to connect with others through intuition and empathy. I have the ability to have a genuine faith in what the potential of an individual holds because I can see the possibilities as clear as a memory of my own. I can understand the feelings that at times become overwhelming and paralyzing, because I can feel them in the moment with you like they are mine.

My work.

I find facilitating and speaking invigorating because of the privilege it is to hold the space for others as they learn. I get joy from being present with individuals as they invest in themselves and grow. I consider it a blessing that I am able to serve in a teaching capacity.

I am an author and recognize the power of storytelling. I believe in sharing my experiences, to inspire others to explore theirs. I am a podcaster, blogger and vlogger, in my posts I choose to be vulnerable to hopefully empower others to look inward for guidance. I record my thoughts, feeling, wants and needs in real time, unfiltered.

Creating cultures.

I have been academically trained in the theories and methodologies surrounding training and development in the workplace. Prior, I spent majority of my professional career as a Human Resource Generalist with a focus in Employee Relations. I am intrigued by legislation and as a result naturally gravitate towards the compliance side of HR to limit risk and liability for the organizations that I serve. I encourage the use of progressive discipline and have utilized this thought process countless times when creating cultures of accountability.

I am passionate about creating Training and Development offerings for the workplace that are effective in providing a proactive solution to maximize employee retention and engagement. I believe that facilitation is an art that must be mastered by a trainer to ensure effectiveness of any training implemented.

More than an entrepreneur.

I am a mother and a wife. Doing my best to speak the love languages and dialects of those that mean the most to me. I am blessed to be loved by them perfectly despite my imperfections that make me - me. I am a learner for life and my children sometimes are my greatest teachers. I fall and my husband is always there to pick me up and carry me if needed.

I am a light worker, a healer and a teacher. I am here to serve.

I'd love to connect.

Chat with me LIVE every Wednesday at 7:45 AM EST on Facebook or Instagram during Work Love Wednesdays. As far as social media platforms go, I absolutely HRart Instagram and that's usually where I am hanging out.