Praise – Leadership Arts Associates

Samm brings reflective energy and light into this world. Her book, From Heart to HRart, does too, sharing lessons learned and encouraging self-discovery.

Katie Caples

From Heart to HRart not only offers you the inspiration to face your fears and past wounds, it provides you with powerful tools to do your own heart work and motivate you to work toward that next great thing in your life!  Samm delivers a heartfelt, open, and honest account of her own journey as well as how these same tools propelled her to the many great things in her life, and her book From Heart to HRart can do the same for you too!

Bobbi Billman

From Heart to HRart is an amazing read for anyone looking to get inspired or wanting a shift in their life.  The best part of the book is that her stories are so easy to relate to, you find yourself thinking about a time in your life when you felt this same way.  The way you recognize, accept, and overcome your challenges is truly when you can begin to find yourself, and Samm does a great job at showing you exactly how to do that.

Meredith Stone

Samm provides a calm in the storm in one on one coaching. She can help untangle complicated personal and professional situations. Working with Samm you have the opportunity to gain confidence as you learn new skills.

Kim P.

Samm challenged me to go beyond the surface in every facet of my life. As a result, I am more self-aware of my feelings, my behaviors and my energy. In working with her I have rediscovered my authentic voice.

Katie C.

Samm helped us address things that we could get better at, and that we knew we had to get better at to take our organization to the next level. She also helped us realize things that we didn’t even know we needed to get to that level. We are so glad we brought her in.

Deron S.