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Last Week…

The Dolphin card was revealed challenging us to seek a silver lining in time of suffering. At the time, I easily translated the card’s message to our current COVID-19 circumstances. But as the week continued, I dove a little deeper into the ocean of reflection and revisited other times in my life that were filled with suffering. Events from my past that I had never actually recognized as times of suffering, but I was indeed suffering. These were experiences that left me feeling broken. These experiences were also the ones that pushed me to great growth. 

I spent a great deal of time in deep reflection about a past relationship that has caused a lot of pain. It was a relationship that I have been unable to process because the ache was still active. However, our quarantine status has not only mandated that we stay home, but it has also put up some physical barriers or boundaries with individuals. In our old way of life, I struggled to create and sustain boundaries with these people. They consistently were permitted to violate them as as a result, I continued to ache. Proof of this comes in many episodes of Work Love TV in just the past year on boundaries and relationships. Here are a few…

Regardless, these physical government-mandated boundaries have given me the space that I needed to be able to look at these relationships a bit clearer. 

This past Sunday my family celebrated Easter and the resurrection. The Resurrection is a powerful event signifying a reawakening, a rebirth, a change of mind about the meaning of the world. We are in a season of life right now where it is inevitable that in the end, we will experience a rebirth. Life will return to a new way of life. 

This season of life is also presenting you with the opportunity to explore other times in your life where a reawakening has occurred. Or perhaps it is a missed opportunity, that you can now return to and gather the gifts of growth. We must maintain a genuine attitude of gratitude. Whether it’s gratitude for health, family or growth, it is in gratitude that we find the silver lining we seek. 

This Week…

As we continue with our animal inspired series, the Cat card was revealed this week. The message it brings is one that asks us to look at our relationships as well as ourselves. To embrace this time of physical boundaries to explore what life is like when we can truly separate ourselves from others. 

Discussion: Share with us in the comment below what you discover this week. What do you find when you strip away the relationships that you might hide behind and you have to honestly take a look at yourself. 

I hope this week’s pause and practice serve you!

Pause: Wave Breathing // Revisit: Dolphin // Reveal: Cat // Practice: Lantern of Gratitude
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