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A pivotal element of stress management is having a personal self care practice. Our ability to manage stress becomes extremely difficult when we are depleted physically, mentally and emotionally. Our personal practice workshops are offered as a method to begin integrating self care strategies into your life.

Our workshops are offered on a monthly basis and include a personal practice that you can begin integrating into your daily routine at home. These practices are designed with the full intention of restoration and healing.

We believe that beginning a personal practice establishes and strengthens the connection between physical body, mind and spirit. This connection is essential for finding your own personal inner harmony.

Yin is a beautiful practice of long-held, deeply relaxing, passive yet energizing poses that open the meridians of the body. Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body and the fascia that covers the body (rather than the muscles). It is a quiet, meditative, internal practice.

Yoga is an internal journey of self-discovery, an opportunity to connect with your true self on a deeper level. At its core, it is about developing a deep reverence and pure love for your body as the temple it is.
Learn more about our Yin Yoga workshop offerings below.

Yin Yoga Self-Care Workshop

Intro Yin Yoga Class

Qigong practices can be classified as martial, medical, or spiritual. All styles have three things in common: they all involve a posture, (whether moving or stationary), breathing techniques, and mental focus.

Some practices increase the Qi; others circulate Qi, use Qi to cleanse and heal the body, store Qi, or emit Qi to help heal others. Practices vary from the soft internal styles such as Tai Chi; to the external, vigorous styles such as Kung Fu.

However, here at Leadership Arts Associates we teach the slow gentle movements of Qigong that can be easily adapted, even for the physically challenged and can be practiced by all age groups.  The gentle, rhythmic movements of Qigong reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system. It has also been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions.

People do Qigong to maintain health, heal their bodies, calm their minds, and reconnect with their spirit. When these three aspects of our being are integrated, it encourages a positive outlook on life and helps eliminate harmful attitudes and behaviors. It also creates a balanced lifestyle, which brings greater harmony, stability, and enjoyment. Learn more about our Qigong workshop offerings below.

Qigong Self-Care Workshop

Intro Qigong Class


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