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Working with a Creative Collaborator gives you the opportunity to repaint your self-portrait with more clarity than ever. Leadership coaching starts with what you feel inside and helps you figure out who you are, who you want to be, and how to get there.

Leaders and business professionals, like you, contact us daily for help. Some want help personally, and others want help in their organization. Some don’t know what they need, but they like something is missing.

Leadership Arts Associates’ goal is to empower you to hold your own brush and decide which colors, strokes, and finishing touches define your future.

Individual coaching is available for individuals who want to be a better employee, leader, or manager. Participants work one-on-one with an experienced Creative Collaborator to identify ambitions, drive, and goals. The Creative Collaborator guides individuals to build the professional environment they want.

Every journey starts with a discovery session, where we make sure the chemistry is just right between the collaborator and individual. During the session, we encourage active discussion and use reflective exercises to better understand the individual’s goals. 

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Creative Coaching Cohorts are a powerful alternative to individual coaching. Participants get to share their experience with no more than 7 individuals on a similar journey while still receiving guidance from an experienced coach.

This collaborative approach generates peer feedback, meaningful conversations, and allows participants to target personalized and collective goals. Sharing the experience with others has the power to generate deeper insights and results giving participants a 360-degree view of their journey.

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We offer additional programs that help individuals chip away at their barriers through creative inspiration and meditation. Engagement RechARTed and Vision Fest offer a unique path to your innermost thoughts and ambitions.

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