Organizational Development Services

Are you ready to knock down the walls holding your business back from achieving goals? Our York, PA-based collaborators are ready to meet with your organization to pinpoint your existing efficiency, human resources, and talent management struggles.

Strong relationships are the key to success which is why we invest time in our clients by evaluating your goals, ambitions, and struggles. Afterwards, we build a tailored solution that defines steps to take to perform better and see success. Implementing your unique organizational development plan alleviates internal discrepancies and enables you to respond quickly to unforeseen changes and obstacles.

Human Resources Advisement Services

A Human Resources department is a critical piece of business success. In small businesses, the owner often wears the HR hat. In large businesses, human resource departments struggle to keep up with demanding workforce activities. Both organizations often have critical HR needs and don’t know where to turn.

Our Creative Collaborators works with businesses to pinpoint human resource and talent struggles. The goal of the initial meeting is to customize a plan that increases employee effectiveness, improves the work life, and makes employees feel valued by the business. To make that possible, we encourage personal development, communication, and compliance with employment-related laws.

Whether it’s how to hold employees accountable, how to establish a performance plan, or how to hire the right talent, we can help.

HR Transition & Change Management Facilitation

HR is an often undervalued and underutilized role within organizations. Generally that happens because the business doesn’t currently have HR and feels that they’ve lasted this long without it and are fine or the HR role is filled by someone who is not functioning in the capacity they should be. Both instances can negatively impact employees, the business and the bottom line. If your organization has identified the need to make a change with regards to your HR role – we can help.

Cultural Shift Strategies

Gallup reports that worldwide only 33.4% of employees are engaged at work. When businesses hear that type of a statistic they feel the need to rush into change, however not all businesses are ready to take on that task. Check out our 7 do’s and don’ts to follow in order to successfully implement a culture transformation.

LEAN Facilitation & Training Services

Sometimes business owners and leaders know something isn’t right with their business layout and design, but they can’t identify what it is. Our Creative Collaborators specialize in LEAN Training. Their fresh and unbiased perspective helps identify inefficient processes and develop new approaches to save time and money . When businesses learn to use resources more efficiently, they create a strong team environment that delivers better value to customers.

Team Interventions

Negative employee attitudes will ruin any successful business. Using the wrong team building techniques is just as harmful as ignoring the negativity. In most situations, the negativity spreads to other employees. The right team building activities can break down employees’ walls to pinpoint exactly what they dislike about their situation and increase trust, collaboration, and engagement.

Leadership Arts Associates believes team building is valuable. We can personalize a variety of activities and reflections to meet the unique challenges and goals each business faces.


Leadership is the art

of accomplishing more than

the science of management

says is possible.

-Colin Powell

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