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We know that a solid organizational foundation starts with a HR department that serves as a strategic partner to your business.

HR is often mistaken as having a black and white view. As legislation and compliance become more grey and our workforces become more colorful. HR as a profession has truly become an art. Building, encouraging, and inspiring employees requires a unique skill set that captivates employees and keeps them engaged over time.

Our Creative Collaborators work with businesses to maximize the potential of your greatest asset, your people. Our approach includes customized strategies built specifically for your business that increases employee effectiveness, makes employees feel valued and makes your overall culture stronger.

These services provide support for an organization and typically include following: Training and Development, Personnel Files Maintenance, Recruiting/Hiring, Job Descriptions, HR Forms, Employee Onboarding, Performance Management, Policies/Procedures/Handbooks, Benefits Management, Exit Interviews, Strategic Planning 

Each service contract is built specifically to support your organization on a monthly basis and fees range from $900 to $4500 per month. 

Services provided are not limited to those listed above. 

These services support current HR professions to assist with current projects or workload. This may include: Policy/Procedure/Handbook updates, Strategic Planning, Performance Management, 3rd Party Investigations, Training and Development

Contracts typically are project based and fees range from $450 to $3000 per month. 

These services are targeted towards organizations currently re-evaluating their HR effectiveness or interested in creating an overall HR function. These services include, but are not limited to: Creation of the HR role for growing companies, Assist when there is a change in the HR staff, Help to fix broken HR processes/department, Training of new HR staff

Each service contract is built specifically to successfully manage your organizational HR Transition. Fees are billed on a monthly basis and range from $900 to $4500 per month. 

Negative employee attitudes will ruin any successful business. Using the wrong team building techniques is just as harmful as ignoring the negativity. In most situations, the negativity spreads to other employees. The right team building activities can break down employees’ walls to pinpoint exactly what they dislike about their situation and increase trust, collaboration, and engagement.

Leadership Arts Associates believes team building is valuable. We can personalize a variety of activities and reflections to meet the unique challenges and goals each business faces.

Pricing starts as low as $500. 

Leadership development and training is a proven solution. Businesses and individuals like you seek out guidance and coaching from mentors. When you work with a Creative Collaborator, you open the doors to change, new energy, growth, and confidence. Pulling yourself or business out of a rut is difficult. Our Creative Collaborators make it possible because they push you out of your comfort zone. You finally get the chance to see what you are capable of achieving. At Leadership Arts Associates, we work with businesses and individuals alike to find these answers. Forget traditional classroom-style development programs. We offer a series of unique services and workshops with a creative twist. Whether you need individual or team training, we can personalize a leadership development program to reflect your needs.

Pricing starts as low as $500.

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