Team Development Services

Leadership development and training is a proven solution. Businesses and individuals like you seek out guidance and coaching from mentors. When you work with a Creative Collaborator, you open the doors to change, new energy, growth, and confidence. Pulling yourself or business out of a rut is difficult. Our Creative Collaborators make it possible because they push you out of your comfort zone. You finally get the chance to see what you are capable of achieving.

At Leadership Arts Associates, we work with businesses and individuals alike to find these answers. Forget traditional classroom-style development programs. We offer a series of unique services and workshops with a creative twist. Whether you need individual or team training, we can personalize a leadership development program to reflect your needs.

Group Coaching

Creative Coaching Cohorts are a powerful alternative to individual coaching. Participants get to share their experience with no more than 7 individuals on a similar journey while still receiving guidance from an experienced coach.

This collaborative approach generates peer feedback, meaningful conversations, and allows participants to target personalized and collective goals. Sharing the experience with others has the power to generate deeper insights and results giving participants a 360-degree view of their journey.

Leadership & Staff Development Training

Educating a team is just as important as team building. Plenty of businesses struggle to provide professional development training because they lack the time and resources. Development training helps team members better perform and increases employee engagement.

Training can be held during lunch hours or at company events.  We are happy to tailor programs to meet your unique needs and inspire success.

Custom Team Building

Let’s face it; team building gets a bad rap. Employees dread it and in most cases think the company’s money is better spent added to their paychecks. The truth is the majority of popular team building activities don’t work. Dressing in sumo wrestling outfits for the afternoon only guarantees a few funny photos instead of what you need – trust, collaboration, and engaged employees.

Leadership Arts Associates believes team building is precious to the bottom line. Businesses see more success if they use activities tailored to their team. We create personalized team building activities for teams by meeting with leadership to identify existing needs and challenges.

Company Retreat Design & Facilitation

Do you need a combination of leadership and team training? At Leadership Arts, we collaborate with businesses to design a retreat that inspires, connects, and revitalizes teams. The results speak for themselves. Better performance, increased engagement, and aligned goals are all beneficial to a company’s growth.

Leadership is not about forcing your will on others.

It's about mastering the art of letting go.

-Phil Jackson

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