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and strategy.

Samm will take your team on a creative journey to learn the healing tools to cultivate leadership, momentum, and bottom-line results. She will lead your team to recognize and discover the powerful inner answers that can create shifts and changes to transform their lives and, in turn, your business for the better.

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Feedback from Attendee Evaluations

  • “The people in the audience appreciated the sharing of your stories and ideas. You helped to open the door for not only the people in the audience but for their organizations and the community.”

    - Carol K.

  • “You’ve inspired me to follow a career in leadership and team development. I wanted you to know that I learned so much from you and that your passion for what you do really shows! Thank you and I hope I have the opportunity to learn from you again in the future.”

    - Gina N.

  • “This was a very enlightening session, I really liked that the topics covered in this session can be applied at any point in your career at any kind of career change. Topics covered in this session are things I’ve already started implementing in my current role.”

    - Past Attendee

  • “Great speaker with great information. Highly recommend bringing her back.”

    - Past Attendee

  • “Samm was fantastic. Please have her back.”

    - Past Attendee

  • “Awesome! My favorite session. Learned a lot and shared the info with my team at work.”

    - Past Attendee

  • “Fantastic session. Samm was very well prepared and had some fantastic tips for leadership.”

    - Past Attendee