MaryRose Ritter

COO + Creative Director, HR Advisement

Chief Operating Officer and Creative Director, MaryRose Ritter, joined the Leadership Arts Associates’ team in 2016 because she saw an opportunity to make a difference in multiple organizations doing what she loves. She loves being able to increase employee happiness and productivity in their jobs by creating a culture of accountability and respect.  She also likes helping employers improve their bottom line with engaged and effective workforces.

Before joining the Leadership Arts team, MaryRose worked in Human Resources for two major retailers and a trucking/3PL company. Today she is an Organization Development (OD) and Human Resources (HR) collaborator. She assists organizations with cultural shifts, HR accountability, team building, succession plan, and much more in the realm of OD.

On a more personal note…

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, MaryRose grew up in a military family. She attended seven different schools between grades K-12 which is why she loves meeting new people and learning about different cultures. She currently lives in York, PA with her husband, Chad, son, Jackson, Dog, Tara, and Cat, “ABC.”

MaryRose enjoys spending time with her family friends doing anything from playing games to visiting historic landmarks. Her parents inspire her most because they have always taken care of their family and their love for one another is so strong! When it’s time to re-energize, you can find her reading, dancing, watching TV, or vegetating with a glass of wine.

She can be artistic when she pays attention and focuses on what she is doing. She considers herself better at the abstract vs. realistic art.  However, regardless ability she enjoys everything about art and the way it allows her to express herself. It only makes sense that her favorite Leadership Arts’ workshop is A Taste of LA where she gets to use different mediums to paint something meaningful she can be proud to take home.

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