Samm Smeltzer

CEO + Creative Director, Professional Development

CEO and Creative Director, Samm Smeltzer founded Leadership Arts Associates in 2014, after spending time as an HR Generalist-dabbling in a little bit of everything. She developed a knack for holding people accountable and refers to these years as her time on the dark side of HR. She eventually began to feel burnt out before transitioning to the “softer side of HR,” training and development where she could assist leaders and staff with the skills and tools they need to be successful professionally.

The idea for Leadership Arts came to light because Samm was tired of corporate cultures putting up walls that kept her from being truly effective as an organizational development professional. She created Leadership Arts Associates to have a space to do what is best for organizations, teams and individuals alike.

Today, Samm spends her time inspiring and making teams or individuals believe that the workplace of their dreams is possible. She engages them in the process to make this culture a reality and shows them that in a healthy work environment with an employer that truly cares they are empowered to make the changes necessary.

On a more personal note…

Born in San Leandro, California, Samm currently resides in York, PA with her husband, Josh, daughters, Madelyn and Zoey, and two dogs, Aly and Molly. Her “life” journey didn’t start in Human Resources, leadership, or coaching. She began her college career as a vocal major and aspired to be an Intellectual Property Attorney. For fun, Samm enjoys spending time with her family visiting amusement parks, zoos, traveling, and reading.  The best piece of advice she has for anybody is only to buy and keep the things that bring you happiness!

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