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The flamingo is speaking to you. 

Let’s just say it’s your sign and for Unstuck U the flamingo serves as a sort of mascot.

In the world of dream interpretation, it is said, that when a flamingo is present it is a symbol of community. These are typically social birds that represent that you are not alone.

You are not alone in feeling stuck professionally:

If you have been seeking a way to gain momentum to move forward…

If you have been wanting to find work that is more meaningful…

If you simply have been finding yourself questioning if there is more to the everyday monotony that you presently experience…

Then Unstuck U was created for you.


This guide is a reflective journal that captures wisdom from years of coaching clients. It was intentionally created to take you step-by-step through this journey. It was designed to capture your thoughts, feelings, wants and needs along the way.

This journey is driven by intuition and forces you to face what you feel. Even when the feelings presented are counterintuitive to what we were taught is logical.

A mentor of mine once told me that common sense does not exist. This was truly an eye opening epiphany. The concept of common sense arises out of what our culture believes is logical and therefore it establishes the expectation that external influence is essential to our existence. This has allowed the idea of common sense to become a sort of fundamental foundation. We are social creatures (much like the flamingo) and we need human interaction. External influence is inevitable but it only feeds our soul when we still have the ability to hear our own voice first and foremost.

Intuitively, you know you were feeling the flamingo and you know this majestic bird was calling you. This program was meant for you. You found the flamingo at the exact moment you were meant to.

Put your resistance and hesitance aside. Trust yourself and let’s get you unstuck.

unstuck u will...

Guide U to Revisit

Guide U to Release

Guide U to Begin

Guide U to Experience

Guide U to Learn

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