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Using a little creativity and inspiration driven by your intuition, come create your Vision Board. This event is known for the invigorating energy generated by the community of participants that come together to co-create and collaborate. It is without a doubt a great start to clarity, focus and manifestation.

Vision Boards can serve as a solid foundation to begin mastering the art of visualization. By definition, "visualization is recreating all the images, sounds and feelings in your mind surrounding an activity in order to practice in a perfect environment" (Source).  This practice is one that should not be underestimated and truly demonstrates the capabilities our mind possesses. Vision Fest was specifically designed with these considerations in mind and the results speak for themselves.  

Years + Counting

The first Vision Fest was hosted in January 2016 and was a 9-hour solid marathon of creating. In 2017, the event was expanded to a week filled with sessions focusing on specific life areas facilitated by "field life experts." Attendees had the opportunity to purchase all access passes, it was amazing and exhausting at the same time. In 2018, the goldilocks effect finally kicked in and we got it just right. Moving forward, Vision Fest sessions are held in January and May. The sessions utilize the format of a selection of 3-hour create sessions that are centered on your life as a whole and moving you forward.  


One of our primary techniques during Vision Fest is what we call the "Intuitive Pull." This technique requires the use of magazines to be most effective. Since 2015, we have been collecting magazines and currently have a selection of at least 175. We aim to collect a wide variety of sources that can be utilized during this portion of our process. The "Intuitive Pull" is essential to begin laying the groundwork for the Vision Board.

Vision Boards

We have had the honor and privilege to facilitate the creation of 104 Vision Boards to date.  During each Vision Fest, we are present to collaborate and coach attendees as they work through our creation process. In 2017, we introduced mini orientations designed to prepare and center the mind for creating. We recognize each Vision Board is unique and therefore everyone's process will be as well. These boards are beautiful works of art that will serve as powerful tools. We take pride that our attendees leave with boards that they identify with so deeply.

What to Expect

  1. Expect to identify and visually depict your intention for your life. You will create a piece of art that can be displayed and remind you of your intention daily.
  2. Expect to clarify your thoughts, your feelings, your wants and your needs that will propel you in the right direction.
  3. Expect to be rejuvenated and reenergized by an event that provides you the time and space to focus on you.

What's Included:

  • check
    16 x 20 canvas to create your Vision Board
  • check
    All materials you need to create your masterpiece (scissors, magazines, markers, paint, glitter and much more)
  • check
    Clear sealant to protect your Vision Board
  • check
    30-Minute Intention Discovery Session with a guided visualization exercise designed to enhance your clarity and focus
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    Coaching throughout the Create Sessions
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    Light refreshments and snacks
  • check
    A beautiful inspirational space to create in

Vision Board Manifestations

Samm Smeltzer's Vision Board Manifestations (2017)

Becky Stauffer's Vision Board Manifestations (2017)

Meredith Stone's Vision Board Manifestations (2017)

Katie Caples' Vision Board Manifestations (2017)

Kim Preske's Vision Board Manifestations (2017)

Kathi Fuhrman's Vision Board Manifestations (2017)

Gina Nobile's Vision Board Manifestations (2016)

Samm Smeltzer's Vision Board Manifestations (2016)

Investment: $39

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